Hi, this this my first article about beauty product. Hope you enjoy it.

Today, I buy Etude Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nail #5 Princess Marry. Actually, it was cost Rp 188.000,00, but, I bought a voucher few days ago, so, it cost me Rp 80.000,00. Here is the product

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I really love the packanging. It’s really neat and cute. There is also the user’s instruction about how to use it. Here the product


There are 3 bottle great nail polish color and I use it sequentially based on the number at the bottle. First, I apply nail polish number 1 in my whole nail. After it dry, I apply nail polish number 2 from my half nail until my nail tip. Wait until it dry, and finally I apply nail polish number 3 on my nail tip. Here is the result.


Thank you for reading. See you next time 🙂