Hi… It’s been a while….

Today I will show you my routine acne care. As you know I live in Jakarta, Indonesia and I go to my office using motorcycle. Because of the distance between my home and my office quite far, it took at least one hour and a half for one way, many pimples love to pop out in my face 😦

I already use mask inside my helmet, but it’s not enough. The pimples pop up faster than the time needed for the medicine to heal it. I come to drugstore like century and guardian to try some acne care that available in the store and after few trial this is the acne care series that suitable for my face.

For your information I have an oily face 🙂

I use the acne care cream mask, acne care lotion, and intensive acne care. All the products were from Sariayu Martha Tilaar and made from natural ingredients. The main ingredients are belerang (sulphur) and pegagan.


This is how I use the products:
First, the acne care cream mask
I use it three times a week to prevent more pimples pop out before the old one disappear and it works out for me 🙂

Second, acne care lotion, and intensive acne care
For big pimples I use intensive acne care and for small one I use acne care lotion. The difference of these products are the intensive acne care have more amount of belerang and pegagan than acne care lotion. The other reason I do this actually for economical reason because despite of big volume difference between acne care lotion and intensive acne care, their price is almost same.


As you can see in the picture, the intensive acne care contains more sulphur and pegagan than acne care lotion. For using it, you just need to put the lotion in the cotton and put it on your pimples.

(+) What’s good about the products:
– It works well to heal my pimples
– The price is affordable
– Easy to get the product, just go to Martha Tilaar store at mall or just go to nearby drug store (I can easily find the products in Jakarta and Semarang, but I don’t know about the other city)

(-) What’s bad about the products:
– It smell bad. I don’t like the smell of belerang and pegagan. But I have to bear it for the sake of my face 😦

Well this is all about my acne care. See you next time 🙂