Hi… Today I’m gonna tell you about the skin care product that I used for almost 1 years. Yup… It’s the Revitalift Series from L’oreal Paris.


I use day cream, night cream, and eye cream. The first time I use L’oreal product was when I’m in college, I got free product from L’oreal for submitting my opinion about why I proud of myself as woman in the Women of Worth program. Actually the skin care product is just the day cream but I think the result is nice, because my skin more moist and elastic. At that time I cannot afford to buy the product. So, I’m start buy these product since I’m working haha 😀

For the eye cream, there are two kinds cream, the red cream and white cream. I use the white cream under my eye and the red cream in my eyelid.


I think these series are good product and I will continue using it in the future.

(+) What’s good about the products:
– It makes my face more moist and elastic
– The price stil affordable for someone with UMR wages, but you need to tighten your expense in clothing and food a little bit 🙂

(-) What’s bad about the products:
– I don’t find anything bad about these products, I will tell you later if I found one 🙂

Neutral opinion:
– For it’s effect to reduce the wrinkle I still don’t know because I’m still in my mid twenties and I don’t have wrinkle ^_^