I bought Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls few years ago and until now I really love using it. The product comes in 3 variances, Natural Radiance, Natural Peach, and Natural Bronze. Mine is Natural Radiance.


I think the design is elegant and equipped with small mirror. To apply it you need a brush. If you want to get natural fresh look, just apply it with the mixed color. If you want to get more red color, just use more red balls. If you want to get more brown color, just use more brown balls.


This is my second blush on. My first one was stick model and compare to this I think this one is easier to use. For the color, I think the color really good even though I didn’t use face primer. But, if I use face primer my face will look more glowing and fresh.


The picture above is the result when I use mixed color balls. See you next time 🙂