I bought TONYMOLY 7 DAYS TATOO EYEBROW few weeks ago and today I want to share my experience using this product. TONYMOLY 7 DAYS TATOO EYEBROW comes with two color, 01-Natural Brown and 02-Dark Brown. Mine is 02-Dark Brown.


The product have a really good design. I really love the ornament and here is the result in 7 days.





Notes: I only use face cream and BB cream for my everyday make up, so I didn’t redraw my eyebrow in these 7 days. I only draw my eyebrow when I attend party. If there’s a different in the picture it’s only caused by the light and my phone position when taking the picture 🙂

Personally, I’m really satisfied with the result. But, if you ask me whether this product is better than other eyebrow tatoo or not, I’m really sorry I cannot answer that because this is the first time I use eyebrow tatoo. See you next time