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April 2017

Combo Skin Corn Fiber Mask Moisturising

Hi… today I will tell you my experience using Combo Skin Corn Fiber Mask.

As the name said, you can smell the corn fragrance when you open the mask. The fragrance really nice and refreshing. I think the refreshness come from the kiwi
and avocado.

This mask is the third sheet mask I tried hehe…
And I think after using this mask my skin is more fresh.

For the firming feeling I think the red ginseng mask is still the best and for the moisturising feeling, I think the snail mask is the best. But for refreshing feeling,
this Corn Fiber Mask is better than red ginseng and snail mask.


Maybelline The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes

Hi… today I gonna tell you my experience using Maybelline eye shadow.

Currently, Maybelline have two types of eye shadow for everyday use. They are The Nudes and The Blushed Nudes.


The color really soft and good for everyday use. If you want to use it for party make up, you still can use these eye shadow. You just need to use the darker color.

Maybelline The Nudes comes with two types of sponge for applying the product and Maybelline the Blushed Nudes comes with sponge and brush.


Personally, I prefer the brush because for me it is easier to apply the eye shadow using the brush.

I really love the product. It’s affordable and give good result 🙂



PIXY and Garnier BB Cream

I think these products are the most affordable BB Cream in market. Each of them only cost you around 30,000 IDR (USD$3). Here are my opinion about it.


Which one is cheaper?
PIXY BB Cream is cheaper than Garnier BB Cream. Their price are same but their volume is different. You got 30ML PIXY BB Cream for the same price as 18ML Garnier BB Cream.

Which one give you better result?
If you want a natural and long lasting looks (I got the fresh look for a day without retouch for around 12 hours), go for PIXY BB Cream.

But, if you want a dewy and a little bit glossy looks, go for Garnier BB Cream.

If you want to achieve more suitable color for your skin, go for PIXY BB Cream because it’s available in few variants (Beige, Cream, Ochre). I used the Ochre one. The Garnier BB Cream only available in 1 variant.

Nivea Make Up Clear Milk Cleanser and Toner

Currently I’m using Nivea Milk Cleanser and Toner as my daily make up cleansing product.


Every evening I’m using milk cleanser to take off the make up and pollution. After that, I’m using the toner for deep cleaning and refreshing my face.

I really love this product and I think the products are suitable for my skin tone (my skin tone is oily).

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Hi… today I’m gonna tell you my experience using Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.


I bought it in Seoul on August 2016 and I have been repurchase it in Indonesia. I really love this product, so I repurchase it even though the price difference is quite far T_T


The product is equipped with the spatula which used as the measurement of the product. The product’s smell really nice and refreshing and you just need to use it before go to sleep and the product will work to moisture your skin.

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