I think these products are the most affordable BB Cream in market. Each of them only cost you around 30,000 IDR (USD$3). Here are my opinion about it.


Which one is cheaper?
PIXY BB Cream is cheaper than Garnier BB Cream. Their price are same but their volume is different. You got 30ML PIXY BB Cream for the same price as 18ML Garnier BB Cream.

Which one give you better result?
If you want a natural and long lasting looks (I got the fresh look for a day without retouch for around 12 hours), go for PIXY BB Cream.

But, if you want a dewy and a little bit glossy looks, go for Garnier BB Cream.

If you want to achieve more suitable color for your skin, go for PIXY BB Cream because it’s available in few variants (Beige, Cream, Ochre). I used the Ochre one. The Garnier BB Cream only available in 1 variant.